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The following POF-USA firearms are IN-STOCK and available for immediate shipment to dealers.
Send your FFL via fax 713.699-2773 or email sales@pofusa.com for dealer pricing.


This website is dedicated to the wholesale distribution of POF-USA firearms exclusively to verified FFL Dealers only. Register on our website and send in your FFL and SOT if your a NFA dealer.
As a registered dealer, you can view dealer level wholesale pricing of POF-USA firearms. Browsing by prospective dealers and the general public is allowed, however, no wholesale pricing is visible. Accounts created by non verified dealers or the general public will be deleted. In order to view dealer pricing you must register as a dealer and email or fax your FFL.

Send your FFL to:  Fax 713.699.2773 or eMail: sales@pofusa.com and REGISTER A NEW ACCOUNT

POF-USA R308RS-16-11M-308-N1 POF-USA R415RS-18-11M-223-C3 POF-USA R308-20-11M-308
POF-USA R415-14-11M-223-C4 POF-USA R308-20-11M-308-C3 POF-USA R308-16-11M-308-N1